It’s Not Enough to Simply Want a “Better Life”

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Of course, everyone wants a better life. Everyone wants to explore their personal limits and see how far they can go.

Indeed, it is human nature to desire growth and improvement.

So, why isn’t everyone living this reality?

Simple: Actions have become habits, habits have become ingrained patterns, and ingrained patterns have become their life.

Indeed, change is never rational, it’s emotional. You’re not fighting between what you know to be right or wrong. Instead, you’re quite literally fighting your body and environment.

Everything in your life right now is reinforcing you to live what’s predictable.

It’s fighting to keep you in your comfort zone and will not be changed if it can.

Hence, Benjamin P. Hardy has said,

“In order to change, you have two choices: You can either act above your current environment and emotions, or you can create an environment far above your current self that forces you to rise up.”

In fact, both are necessary. You must not only continually be confronting and pushing past difficult emotions, but you must also continually be taking on goals, projects, and responsibilities with an increasingly greater demand.

As you begin acting in a way that is outside of your “comfort zone,” your brain will change. Your emotions will change. Your confidence will change.

Indeed, confidence is not what creates success. Instead, confidence is a product of successful past performance.

As you improve, the more you want to improve. When you see yourself do the right thing, it becomes increasingly easier to continue doing the right thing.

Hence, the smallest step in the right direction usually ends up being the biggest step of your life.

The question is: Will you take the step?

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