Hello and welcome.

My name is Reece Robertson and I’m a Viral Blogger and Content Writer.

On this blog, I write interesting and practical ideas designed to encourage and inspire individuals to adapt how they think and engage themselves in the world.

I originally began writing on Medium.com in December 2017, and have since developed a deep passion for writing as well as a growing audience of thousands of readers per month.

Although in November 2018, my life radically changed. I finished 3 years of studying for an Accounting degree and then a curious fact emerged; no one would hire me.

I sent resume after resume but kept hearing the same thing, “You’ve got no experience.” “Your report card just isn’t that good.”

Eventually, I decided enough was enough and threw all my chips into pursing my dream of being a top-tier writer.

I now work full-time on my passion and have big dreams of traveling the world, writing multiple bestselling books and inspiring millions.

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