How to Deal with Information Overwhelm in the 21st Century

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

“Thanks to a global world that makes information abundant, it isn’t hard to become exposed to other ways of life. However, you must realize quickly that most of the information online is complete trash.” -Benjamin P. Hardy 

The internet age of the 21st century has bought a cascade of information toppling down upon the world.

From the comfort of your couch, you can now access more information than ever before: you can read Trumps latest tweet, check the weather half across the world or even see what’s happening on Mars. 

However, is any of this actually helping us to live better? Is it giving us more clarity and focus on the things that really matter in our lives? 

In fact, I would say it is doing the exact opposite. Most of the information around you is entirely unimportant and ultimately destructive. 

Hence why John C. Maxwell has said, 

“You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.” 

Practically everything in the world is noise. It is noise designed to distract you, misconstrue your aims, and keep you stuck and confused in life. 

Thus, if you want to think clearly and powerfully, you need a filtering system. You need a way to purify your thoughts in order to have true clarity and focus.

This article is going to help you do just that.


Here we go.

Avoid Any Information That Doesn’t Support the Person You Want to Become

“Only seek information that enables and empowers you to achieve your goals and to live your highest standards in life.” -Benjamin P. Hardy

While it can seem important to keep up with the current events or check out whats happening with your friends on Facebook, how often do you actually use that information?

How is it actually helping you move towards the person you want to be?

More likely than not, it’s probably leading to more jealousy, confusion, and misery than it is actually helping you.

As one interesting study once reported

“Watching just three minutes of negative news in the morning makes viewers 27 percent more likely to report having a bad day six to eight hours later.”

If you want to live powerfully and congruently, you need to get very clear about where you want to go and then avoid any information that doesn’t support you in getting there.

You need to remove the complexity from your life, and you need to be willing to look clueless about a few things. 

Said Epictetus,

“If you wish to improve, be content to be seen as ignorant or clueless about some things.”

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Only Take Advice From People Who Know How to Live the Life You Want

“Advice is one thing that is freely given away, but watch that you take only what is worth having.” -George S. Clason

While you’ll often be faced with a barrage information and people telling you exactly how to live or what you need to do in order to be successful.

The best thing you can do for your success is to stop letting other people dictate your life.

You don’t need the doubt, limitations, or unsolicited advice from anyone who doesn’t know how to get where you’re going.

As Michael Ellsberg said in his book, The Education of Millionaires,

“You can do anything you want. The people who are professing to be experts, telling you what you can and can’t do in life and how to do it, are just a bunch of fucking jackasses. The model that society teaches you to become successful is highly flawed.”

You don’t escape the highly flawed model of success by never taking advice. In fact, you want to take all the advice you can get, but you need to be highly selective about who you take that advice from.

As a rule, you should only ever take advice from people who know how to live the life you want.

“If you’re not sure about someone’s credibility, just look at their life.” -Anthony Moore

In Conclusion

The world is full of information, advice, and all sorts of other nonsense. However, in order to have true clarity and a deeper satisfaction for life, you need to discern yourself from most of it. 

You need to stop sabotaging yourself with destructive internet links and be deliberate in avoiding any information that doesn’t support the person you want to become.

As a rule, you should only ever take advice from people who know how to live the life you want.