Most people are looking outside of themselves to solve their problems, find the answers and achieve everything they ever wanted from this life.

But the truth is, you don’t have to look any further than yourself. You already everything you need to be blissfully happy and live the life of your dreams.

Because everything you want in life starts with you.

Things Don’t Get Better Until You Get Better

“The only way it gets better for you is when you get better. Better is not something you wish for; better is something you become.” -Jim Rohn

Courtesy of the radio station played at the gym every morning I’ve heard over the last few months that both the nurses and teachers here in New Zealand have gone on nationwide strikes in demand of higher pay.

And rightly so, if you’re not happy with your living conditions something ought to be done about it! But the thing is, no 3% wage increase, government aid, or lottery ticket is going to make you rich.

The only person you should ever go on strike against yourself.

If you’re not satisfied with how much money you’re making, you better enter negotiations with yourself about what ought to be done about it because you don’t get rich by demand, you get rich by changing.

This is the same for everything in life. Creating better conditions for yourself always starts with you. If you want more, you must become more.

If you want a million dollars, you must develop a million-dollar mindset. You need to equip yourself with the knowledge and discipline that will get you that sort of money.

If you want to have the partner of your dreams, you must become the sort of person that they would be obsessed with, and you must live a life they would want to be part of.

No one’s going to hand you these things. You must go to work on yourself because when you become, you can attract.

You’ll Only Get What You Think You Can Get

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Many people don’t have a strong sense of self-belief. To most people achieving things like:

  • Complete financial freedom
  • Having an abundance of loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Becoming world class in their field

Is just impossible and they’ll go on telling themselves thing like, “That could never be me.” “That’s how the other half lives, but not me.”

And they’re right! Because never will you achieve more than you think you can get. What you believe determines who you become.

If you believe you can accomplish little, congratulations, you probably won’t achieve very much. While believe you can accomplish greatest, and you will achieve just that.

In this way, it must be recognized that what holds us back most of the time is entirely in our own heads.

To truly obtain the things you want, you must have a firm belief that it’s possible because the mind is an incredible machine, and whatever you think you can get, it will help you to get just that.

As prolific author, Napoleon Hill once wrote,

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

In Conclusion

“The moment you accept total responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the day you claim the power the change ANYTHING in your life.” -Hal Elrod

Everything you want in life starts with you.

While this is a scary thought to ponder upon, accepting this level of responsibility for the outcomes of your life gives you the power to do, change, and be anything.

You no longer have to wait around for someone to give you the life of your dreams; what if they never come?

To get more, you must become more. You can have everything you ever wanted by equipping yourself with the resources and knowledge that will get it.

Lastly, your believes determine who you become. Believe in a bright a future and that’s exactly what you’ll get.